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It's All About Relationships

The Shippers Group has been strengthening industry relationships for many years. From operations to sales, to innovations in information technology, The Shippers Group continues to establish working relationships with companies that improve our performance while adding value to our customers.

Associations 2018 IWLA


Associations 2018 Texas Warehouse Association
Texas Warehouse Association
Associations 2018 Southeastern Warehouse Association
Southeastern Warehouse Association
Palisades Logistics
Palisades Logistics
Associations 2018 Distribution Centers of America
Distribution Centers of America
Associations 2018 Landstar Global Logistics

Landstar Global Logistics

Associations 2018 Allied Distribution

Allied Distribution

Associations 2018 Affiliated Warehouse Companies

Affiliated Warehouse Companies

Associations 2018 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals


The Warehousing Education and Research Council

Contract Packagers & Managers Association

Contract Packagers Association

Food Shippers

Food Shippers of America

Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

Transportation Marketing and Sales Association