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Darby Strickland

"Simply follow Cowboy Ethics–know right from wrong–follow the Golden Rule and be willing to work hard.  Combined, the above will take you a long way to becoming a success."

Darby Strickland, 1937 – 2009



The Cowboy Code 

1.      A cowboy never takes unfair advantage - even of an enemy.

2.      A cowboy never betrays a trust. He never goes back on his word.

3.      A cowboy always tells the truth.

4.      A cowboy is kind and gentle to small children, old folks, and animals.

5.      A cowboy is free from racial and religious intolerances.

6.      A cowboy is always helpful when someone is in trouble.

7.      A cowboy is always a good worker.

8.      A cowboy respects womanhood, his parents and his nation's laws.

9.      A cowboy is clean about his person in thought, word, and deed.

10.     A cowboy is a Patriot.