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Chicago Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging and Co-Packing Services at The Shippers Group in Chicago, Illinois Manufacturers and Distributors Rely on The Shippers Group in Chicago, Illinois For Manufacturing Flexibility of Multi-packs to Point-of-Sale Displays, Kitting and Custom Packaging Services. A leading 3PL warehousing and packaging company, The Shippers Group in Chicago, Illinois is an industry leader in food and consumer goods packaging.

The Shippers Group has seen our co-packaging services grow as more manufacturers depend on TSG for seamless scalability and manufacturing flexibility at lower costs. The Shippers Group provides assembly of variety packs, point-of-sale displays, club packs and kitting within 13 facilities in 5.4 million square feet of distribution and packaging operations in 6 states. Value Added Services

The Shippers Group provides services to support the introduction of new products, rework damaged products and many types of secondary product packaging multi-paks, point-of-sale displays, labeling and transportation management.

  • Pick-n-pack
  • Club packs
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Variety packs
  • Automation
  • Bar-code and labeling
  • Promotional packs
  • Display assembly
  • Kitting Resources for Savings and Efficiency

Our teams can staff up and leverage our resources to optimize productions lines so that manufacturers can streamline supply chains. Manufacturers and distributors take advantage of the benefits offered by The Shippers Group’s distribution and packaging services:

  • Save handling costs and transportation expenses of transferring product between point of manufacture, co-packing operation, and storage warehouse
  • Reduces loss and damage of less handling

The Shippers Group has experience coordinating high-volume co-packaging programs for some of the world’s best-known snack and confectionery brands.

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