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Automotive Transportation and Warehousing

For automotive manufacturers, Shippers is an invaluable partner for 'on demand' delivery to dealer networks. 

Suzuki LogoFor example, American Suzuki Motors has been a satisfied customer of Shippers Warehouse for more than ten years. Automotive Shipping and Warehousing

Suzuki manufactures its Power Sports product line – motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and outboard motors -- in the US and in Asia.  Shippers Warehouse receives inbound shipments from LA/Long Beach, unloads and stores the inventory for Suzuki’s shipment to its dealer network throughout the Southeastern and Southwestern US, as needed on demand. 

We manage a flexible operation for Suzuki, ‘picking’ product per specs conveyed through Suzuki’s system in our facility, ensuring all is in order by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), uniquely identified by carton and vehicle, packaged per specific dealer requirement and ready for carrier pickup. 

 “Shippers Warehouse familiarity with our business and our company and their flexibility to deal with special projects as they arise, has been extremely valuable to us over the years.  The motorcycle industry has campaigns to rework bikes which requires breaking down the cartons in the facility, maybe replacing a book inside the crate, which involves undoing all the stock at the warehouse, recording what’s been done and putting it all back together.  Normally, a public warehouse won’t get involved in that.  Shippers’ flexibility with those special services ‘on demand’ has been a unique benefit of dealing with the  Shippers Warehouse team.”

Frederick Nuss, Logistics Manager
American Suzuki Motor Corporation

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