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Best 3PL for Contract Warehousing Services Contract Warehousing in Atlanta, GA

Contract Warehousing and Dedicated Distribution Services for Clients who need Third-party Warehousing and Value-Added Services

Looking for Contract Warehousing near Atlanta, GA? The Shippers Group leads the 3PL industry in contract warehousing for food and consumer packaged goods in Georgia and 5 other states across the U.S. We are open for business anywhere you need us in the United States.

Millions of Square Feet of Contract Warehouse Space

With labor dedicated to your account, The Shippers Group will handle the shipping, receiving, and storage of goods in a facility focused specifically on your distribution needs.

Options to Meet Your Space and Labor Needs

The Shippers Group will find the perfect space for your dedicated operations. Our services include designing the building’s layout, implementation plan and process, staffing, training, equipment and systems to ensure efficiency and customer service levels. We also provide labor only options with The Shippers Group providing skilled and professional labor management services to provide handling, packaging and other value-added services that meet customers’ needs.

Flexible Agreements Fit Customers’ Needs

The Shippers Group is flexible for manufacturing and distribution support of traditional retail, eCommerce and contract packaging solutions. Because dedicated facilities are capital intensive to secure a building, purchase/lease equipment and staff operations, The Shippers Group customizes agreements to fit the needs of their customers. The duration of agreements for dedicated distribution operations is typically a 3 to 10 year agreement.

Value Added Services

The Shippers Group provides extra services well beyond basic warehousing functions. TSG has the software necessary and support for the WMS while tailoring services such as packaging, point-of-sale displays, labeling and transportation management.

The Shippers Group collaborates closely with clients to ensure a clear understanding of service level requirements and works to align operating procedures leading to successfully run operations. Dedicated contract warehousing relationships are intended to be long term.

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